Abbiamo bisogno di una piattaforma, ma abbiamo costruito una gabbia!


People predict that the age of insecurity is coming, but the age of insecurity is already here for many. We are beginning to look for new systems that support the whole of our humanity – such as caring for our families, contributing to our local communities and improving ourselves – on top of our basic capacity to work. Anthony Painter of the RSA explores the merits of Universal Basic Income as a basis for people to thrive, and how it might provide the foundation of security that creativity, entrepreneurship and learning can be built upon. Anthony Painter is the Director of Policy and Strategy at the Royal Society of Arts. Leading the RSA’s Development Team – which includes design, international, behaviour change, and the RSA’s policy work and consultancy offer – he focuses on the impact of new technology on the economy and society, as well as reform to welfare, public services, and a range of public institutions. Anthony has previously directed the Independent Review of the Police Federation and worked with Google, the BBC and the Metropolitan Police. He is the author of three books, and his latest report is entitled, ‘Creative Citizen, Creative State: the principled and pragmatic case for a Universal Basic Income’. Website: Twitter: @anthonypainter | @theRSAorg


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