Come sarebbe se fossimo liberi dal lavoro?



To Olivier, today’s common perception of work as a burden we must bear to finance our living is one of the biggest misconceptions of our time. Looking at the past and present of work life, he illustrates why he strongly believes that rethinking work may unlock an immense hidden potential in our society. Video credits: Eva Hoffmann & Dana Ghafoor-Zadeh Olivier Schneller is a business and life coach, economist and disruptive thinker that is driven by the idea to make work more fulfilling for everyone. He was born and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, and is currently living in Hamburg, Germany. Before starting his coaching business, Olivier experienced work from very different perspectives. After working in the academic sector and obtaining a doctoral degree in economics, he has co-founded a start-up company to experience failure as a success. He then has worked as an innovation and strategy consultant in a large international corporation. Currently, Olivier is enjoying a one-year parental leave with plenty of room for new ventures.


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