Il Reddito di cittadinanza ha bisogno di focalizzarsi sulla responsabilità di ogni cittadino


Lots of people are talking about Universal Basic Income: the idea that every citizen deserves a minimum income by right. But this focus on rights neglects one of the most important characteristics of being a citizen: our duties to the state. In this wide-ranging and historically eye-opening talk, Raf Manji explores why we definitely need a Universal Basic Income — and why we can’t stop there. Raf is a Christchurch City Councillor and chair of the Strategy and Finance committee. His main focus has been the Council’s financial position, as well as its strategic direction and risk management. Raf graduated from the University of Manchester in 1987 with a degree in Economics and Social Studies, after which time he spent 11 years trading global markets for investment banks in London. In 2000, he left banking to help start up and develop Trucost, which helps companies measure their environmental footprint in monetary terms. In 2002, he moved to New Zealand with his young family and has since been actively involved as a volunteer and trustee with Christchurch Budget Services, Pillars, Volunteer Army Foundation, Christchurch Arts Festival, as well as investing in and helping out early stage companies. He has a Grad Dip Arts in Political science, and a Masters in International Law and Politics from the University of Canterbury. Raf is interested in overt monetary fina


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