Reddito di base: Arricchire l’umanità partendo da un livello individuale


How would our societies change if people had the freedom to make choices based on, not what they have to do to survive, but what they want to do to thrive? In a future where technological advancement, with machine learning and automation, is poised to greatly disrupt our societies and create an ever deepening inequality, we must look at the possibility of severing the connection between work and income and provide everyone with the means to thrive. In her talk at TEDxReykjavík, Halldóra talks about universal basic income, aiming to further the conversation on the topic in Iceland. Her hope is to inspire us to start questioning our current economic model and inventing our way into a more sustainable future. Halldóra Mogensen is a member of parliament for the Icelandic Pirate Party. She started her journey into politics in the summer of 2012 when she helped found the Icelandic Pirate Party and ran for the 2013 elections 2nd on the list for her district of Reykjavik North. Halldóra served as deputy MP until the 2016 fall elections when she was elected into parliament as the 11th MP for her district. During her time as deputy MP she authored a proposal on Universal Basic Income.


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