Sperimentare il reddito di cittadinanza universale: dall’idea alla sua realizzazione


Astha Kapoor, a public strategist talks about Universal Basic Income and how ideas need to be tested and nurtured before reaching its conclusion. Astha Kapoor is a public-policy strategy consultant working on financial inclusion and digital payments. A Master from Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands, she is currently associated with MicroSave with a focus on G2P payments .Her work spans strategy, advisory and evaluation on government project specifically with the DBT Mission, Office of the Chief Economic Advisor, NITI Aayog and ministries pertaining to food, fuel and fertilizer. She recently designed a pilot to digitize uptake of fertilizers in Krishna district, and evaluated the newly introduced coupon system in the PDS in Bangalore and design of cash coupon system. Astha worked at Dalberg Global Development Advisors on a year-long project with USAID and Government of India to incentivize uptake of digital payments for consumers and merchants. She also worked with the Planning Commission on the 12th Five Year Plan and Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA).


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